The Nebraska Plainsmen are a fictional professional American football team based in the Lincoln metropolitan area. The Plainsmen are a member of the Continental Football Conference (CFC) Heartland Division in the Continental Football Association (CFA).

Nebraska Plainsmen

Nebraskaplainsmen logo
Inaugural Season 2010
League/Conference Affiliations

League CFA
Conference Continental
Division Heartland
Owner Richard Owen III
General Manager Richard Owen III
Head Coach Peter Nolte
League 2012
Conference 2011-2012
Division 2011-2012
Playoff Appearances 6
Home Fields
Field Conestoga Stadium

(2015 - Present)

M&T Bank Stadium (2012 - 2014)

Olympiastadion Berlin (2010 - 2011)

History Edit

The Plainsmen were among the original 12 that started in 2010. Originally owned by Bill Bradford in 2010 he sold the team to Garrie Morris in 2011. In those two seasons the team was known as the Berlin Blitz. Garrie would move them to his hometown of Batlimore, Maryland in 2012 and keep the name Blitz. After the 2014 season, though, Garrie would sell the team to current Owner/GM Richard Owen III. Richard would, of course, move the team closer to him in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Berlin Blitz (2010-2011) Edit

2010 Edit

No content.

2011 Edit

No content.

Baltimore Blitz (2012-2014) Edit

2012 Edit

This season marks the team's first season in Baltimore, Maryland.

2013 Edit

No content.

2014 Edit

No content.

Nebraska Plainsmen (2015-Present) Edit

2015 Edit

This season would mark the team's first season in Lincoln, Nebraska.

2016 Edit

No content.

2017 Edit

No content.

2018 Edit

No content.

Year by Year Results Edit

Season League Wins Losses Playoffs? Div. Champs? Playoff Results
2010 CFA 6 10 N N N/A
2011 CFA 11 3 Y Y Lost Continental Bowl II 20-17 to San Francisco (9-5)
2012 CFA 15 1 Y Y Won Continental Bowl III 32-27 over San Francisco (14-2)
2013 CFA 11 7 N N N/A
2014 CFA 10 6 Y N Lost Divisional Rd. 28-21 to St. Louis (13-3)
2015 CFA 9 7 Y N Lost Wild Card Rd. 33-27 to Atlantic City (9-7)
2016 CFA 8 8 Y N Lost Wild Card Rd. 22-17 to Washington (10-6)
2017 CFA 10 6 Y N Lost Divisional Rd. 27-13 to St. Louis (14-2)
2018 CFA 5 11 N N N/A
2019 CFA 6 10 N N N/A
2020 CFA 6 10 N N N/A
2021 CFA 6 10 N N N/A
2022 CFA 4 12 N N N/A
2023 CFA 6 10 N N N/A

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